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About the Author

Sangeeta Roychaudhuri works as a Director-Business Development at a leading Multinational company. An alumnus of St. Xavier's College, Calcutta and Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, US Sangeeta has more than a decade experience in management across various industries. She has experimented with entrepreneurship and has helped to launch an e-commerce venture.

Sangeeta's interests and accomplishments are diverse. She was recognized as one of the 'Top 101 Inspiring Women in India' in 2015, the 'Corporate Diva Winner' in 2016, recognized as 'Super Mom in Bangalore' in 2015 and Cradle Queen, 2010. She has been cause related Champion and featured as a spokesperson for brand like 'Ridhani' (professional work-wear solution for women), 'Driven' (women's car rally for supporting social cause). She loves traveling, music, driving theater. She is a regular speaker at various management Institute and Engineering colleges and has addressed various forums on areas of social concerns and women's empowerment.

She has grown up reading books of Swami Vivekananda who has been a powerful inspiration of her life. Her first love to poetry came when she was handed over a book of Sukumar Ray by her Dad and since then she started manifesting into her world of imagination through her poetry. She is a wanderer, a true explorer who believes every act is a blessing, turning every situation into control through self-belief. She believes, "Once we relate to our inner value system and create our brand equity, it will be multiplied through universe's power of attraction." These beliefs she is trying to frame with few lines of her poetry.

Genesis of my Poetry:

Amidst this chaotic universe, one can find solace in motivational poetry that is in sync with inner emotions. The world can be a beautiful place to live when we touch our deeper chords and bring out the poet within us. Just sit and let the words appear, you'll find that poetry can be stimulating, awakening and rejuvenating to your flow amidst the din of daily life. Writing poetry has opened my heart and mind to Self, and the desire for my poems to reveal that the world is one and we are one with the world through our poetic endeavors!

About the Book

  • Celebrate Your Wings:
  • The poetry that sings with us
  • The poery that talks to ourselves
  • The poetry which opens our hearts
  • The poetry that emblems our emotions
  • The poetry that gives power to our wings
  • Let us celebrate our wings to unveil a new world
  • Through my motivational poetry anthology "Celebrate Your Wings"