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You came to me, To paint my world with loving hues. With shades of color and spirit You filled my world with new stories.

I found myself in different shades, I danced with your rhythm time and again.

I soaked myself with a million dreams. You taught me the new meaning of life.

When I realized this is the end You taught me it's just a bend.

When I'm frightened with fear of losing, You taught me this is just the warm up for a new beginning.

When I'm upset with heart-soaked tears, You held me tight to reassure those are just my fears.

I heard your loving voice in my every fall I counted my blessings in your every call.

You gave me the firm hand when I was down, You pulled me up to hold me tight in your crown.

I lost myself to rediscover once again. I found my teenage self in your words.

You taught me the difference to live n survive, You made me fly again with my broken wings.

I always had your ears to share, Even in my ugliest mood, you didn't tear.

That's the strength of your character in my life. You're my dreams, my passion, my perseverance, You came to me as the wind beneath my wings, To make me fly so high that one day I could touch the sky.

Poetry is omnipresent

In the milieu of this chaotic universe, one finds solace in motivational poetry that is rhythmic and syncs with our inner emotions. The world can be a beautiful place to live in, if we all touch our inner chords and bring out the poet in us, to go with the flow amidst the din of our daily lives. Poetry is catharsis and stimulating and rejuvenating unmitigated. It is the bedrock of our existence and is the genesis of my writing to demonstrate that the world is one and we are one with the world through our poetic endeavors! Men and Women are diverse yet equals when it comes to poetry. Both sing and both listen, when they are in symbiosis. Women have come a long way and will surely go a long way, if they chalk out their own path within the societal realms. A woman is ethereal yet real, a child and a brainchild, she is preventive and prescriptive, as she can don multiple hats, to protect and yet uplift the society, with her warmth, compassion, rationale & meticulous approach. A woman is the umbilical cord of the world on a larger plane & society at a closer level. The poet in her should always be liberated so that she can express herself unadulterated and empower the world for times unlimited, as the world makes a steady progress towards the next century!